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Phlebotomy Resume

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Creating and writing up a resume for any job can be a daunting and intimidating task. When it comes to writing a Phlebotomy Resume, it is no different. Getting the assistance from a sample phlebotomy resume can really set your mind at ease. There are many aspects of your past, including education, job and training experience, and unique qualifications, that you will want to accurately and poignantly express to your potential employer. Since phlebotomy is a job in the health care industry, you are going to want to make sure everything that is on your resume is applicable to the skills required to do the job.

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The following phlebotomist resume sample covers the basic aspects of a resume, but it also shows how to incorporate your unique skills, education, and training into the wording of the resume.

Phlebotomy Resume

Phil Botomay
1234 Main Street
Anytown, USA 65700
Home: 555-555-5555
Cell: 123-456-7890

Main Objective

To obtain a challenging and rewarding position as a phlebotomy technician in a facility where I can apply knowledge, experience, and technical training while being offered an opportunity for professional growth and career advancement. To apply my knowledge and experience in medical roles from previous employment and to bring expertise, professional relationships and expert quality work to a new position in this exciting medical field.

With an eye on furthering my career in phlebotomy, I am keen to learn new skill sets and examples of working practices handed down to me by the greater medical team, the clinical practitioners and staff that my role will encounter on a daily basis. To report and log the incoming and outgoing work flow that is appointed to me and to undertake my role as practicing phlebotomist with the upmost professionalism and high quality that any medical or clinical center demands.

Qualifications Summary

  • Eight years of clinical hospital experience as a phlebotomist.
  • Extensive personal public relations with various ages and culture groups of patients.
  • Expertly trained to collect blood using the standard and specialized types of needles in under 3 minutes.
  • Able to provide various nursing services including administering the medications and injections to all patients as directed by clinical supervisors.
  • Highly skilled at monitoring patient flow as well as in patient overflow, including assisting health aides in preparation of the necessary examination rooms.
  • Outstanding patient and customer intercommunication skills, including sign language and Spanish.
  • Self-motivated to consistently perform to a set time schedule, improve quality and productiveness.
  • Leadership involving groups ranging from three to five.


  • Phlebotomy Training School/Clinic – Certifications Earned
  • Medical Training/Education Facility – Certifications Earned
  • Local Community College, Anytown, USA
  • Anytown High School Graduate, Anytown USA

Work Experience

Phlebotomy Technician: August 2000 – Present, Anytown Hospital, Anytown, USA

  • Understanding of the roles involved in perform a variety of routine blood drawing procedures such as venipuncture, techniques while using standard equipment such as vaccutainer tubes and sleeves tourniquets, syringes and butterfly needles necessary to perform the role.
  • Confer with given patients with the aim of obtaining information for laboratory records, explaining procedures whilst allaying fears and elicit cooperation with patients.
  • Utilization of standard procedures with regards to the maintenance of positive patient identification.
  • Recording of appropriate collection information when formally requested.
  • Other duties: Processing, preparing, labeling and storing patient specimens and samples according to the moral, ethical and determined departmental procedures for subsequent analysis by the clinical laboratory staff, whilst providing technical guidance to phlebotomy students assigned to the work area, maintaining an inventory of supplies, and stocking supplies on carts and hand trays when required.

Certified Medical Assistant: August 1999 – August 2000, National Medical Center, Anytown, USA

  • Duties included: Welcoming the patients and facilitating their registration, obtaining personal information including initial personal data, medical or clinical history, and necessary insurance coverage available to and allotted to them, requesting records and files from other healthcare providers in the sector, the completion of insurance forms and making patient initial and frequent referrals, locating a patient’s personal insurance information, as well as answering a high volume of calls and responding to general inquiries related to the department.
  • Delivery of letters and memos, medical practitioner typed forms and clinical as well as patient labels.
  • Retrieval and filing of patient and customer’s medical records and status reports.
  • Preparation and coordination of varying types of specimen and cultures for prompt, urgent and emergency dispatch to local or national laboratories.
  • Obtaining of the initial laboratory and diagnostic blood test results as well as catering for performed patient vital signs.

With a distinct understanding of a varying number of medical professions available to me, my primary goal is to follow a long-term career path in the medical and clinical field of Phlebotomy. From my experience, as well as my understanding of the daily tasks and the ethical and professional requirements of the profession, I understand that it is my duty to uphold the professional standing of my peers and to further the understanding of medicinal and professional standards within the medical field to the best of my ability.

With a tremendous motivation for success, my previous roles and duties in the medical field have provided me with an invaluable source of knowledge and understanding in the tasks I carry out on a daily basis. With close interpersonal skills in dealing with both staff and patients, my career has taught me many things about patient healthcare that I can apply to many other roles that are similar in the same field as my training. With extensive experience in face-to-face relationships, examinations, clinical trial, and professional relations with my peers and colleagues, it is my task and priority to further the understanding of Phlebotomy for both patients, customers and the greater healthcare system for all of those involved to benefit.

*References available upon request.

Phlebotomy Resume Sample – Things to Consider

Now that you have a guide in creating your phlebotomy resume sample, it is time to sit down and write your own story. You are welcome to use any part of the example above. Cut and paste what ever you like, but keep in mind the wording may not be applicable to you or your skill set. Do not try to mislead the reader of your resume. This will only lead to problems down the road, including rejection from a job opening. Think back on what you have learned over the course of your Phlebotomy training and education. What are some of the aspects of your job that bring you joy and fulfillment? What are some of the things that brought a smile to your patient’s face when you were performing your duties. Were you routinely complimented by your colleagues or supervisors for certain tasks or skills?

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Phlebotomy Resume

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Basically, what are the characteristics of your personality that sets you apart from the rest of the job applicants? This is where you will stand out to the prospective employer. Most people applying for the same position have the same skills set, training, and experience that you do. It is going to be your personality and persona that will allow you to stand out. You want to convey this in your resume, because that is the first contact with the employment prospect. So use the phlebotomy resume we have provided as a solid starting point and make it your own. Good luck. We wish you well.

This Phlebotomy resume sample can be used to help guide you in creating your own resume. Use the phlebotomist resume sample as a guide. 

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